"Creemos que para los agricultores es importante contar con material de vivero concebido y nacido en Italia ..."

Daniele Neri

Empresa Agraria Daniele Neri

Empresa Agraria Daniele Neri

Cultivación de árboles frutales presente en el mercado desde hace 20 años y se dedica a la cultivación de árboles frutales con un especial enfoque en las nectarinas. Más información
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The Daniele Neri Farm has been on the market for about 20 years and has produced fruit plants by devoting special attention to nectarines.
With the help of qualified staff we look after our trees, from nursery to planting, so as to provide the farmer with a satisfying result, which is also the best as compared to the investment made.
Since 2004 we have been developing a project of genetic improvement. This projects follows Mr Vincenzo Ossani, who has been devoting himself to fruit-growing research and variety innovation for over thirty years.

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